A Quick Beer at Küsterer Brauhaus in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Join us for the first part of our new A Quick Beer series in the wonderful Grand Rapids, Michigan. In this video, we have a chat with David Ringler of Küsterer Brauhaus, a Munich-style bierhall on the west side of Grand Rapids. David, who spent many years in Germany brings an authentic knowledge to create German-style beers at Küsterer (and sister brewery Cedar Springs Brewing) in a unique and memorable setting.

Stay tuned for our next episode of A Quick Beer which will focus on the rest of Grand Rapids’s thriving beer scene. Special thanks to Experience Grand Rapids for the assistance in coordinating this trip.

A Quick Beer in Syracuse, New York

Join us for A Quick Beer in Syracuse, New York. Syracuse has an up-and-coming beer scene with many new breweries in a city that’s easy to explore. We enjoyed just a taste of Syracuse’s thriving beer scene, including pioneer Middle Ages, modern breweries such as Talking Cursive, Meier’s Creek, Buried Acorn and Bullfinch, plus checking out Syracuse’s Tipp Hill neighborhood and Seneca Street and SingleCut in nearby Manlius.

Special thanks to Andrew Brooks from Talking Cursive and Heidi Menikheim from Seneca Street for chatting with me, and Visit Syracuse for the assistance in organizing the visit.

Here’s a map of the beer and food spots we visited in Syracuse. Learn more about Syracuse and plan your trip here.

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A Quick Beer at the Map Room in Chicago, Illinois

Our Quick Beer series in Chicago ends where it all started for many craft beer lovers in the city: the famous Map Room. The Map Room has been going for over 30 years and is on the very short list of top craft beer bars in Chicago.

A Quick Beer in Canmore, Alberta

Join us as we have A Quick Beer in the scenic mountain town of Canmore, Alberta. Canmore is a robust town on the edge of Banff National Park with majestic views and a thriving local beer scene, but one not without its quirks. We visit all of the breweries in Canmore, including The Grizzly Paw, BLAKE, Canmore Brewing, Sheepdog Brewing, and more.

Here’s a handy map of the beer spots we visited in scenic Canmore, Alberta! Learn more about Canmore and area here.

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A Quick Beer in Chicago, Illinois

Join us as we visit one of our fave cities, the wonderful Chicago, Illinois. A great drinking city, Chicago is full of history, architecture, culture, food, art, and in recent years, a thriving local craft beer scene. We visit 16 beer spots during this trip, including breweries in Wicker Park, Logan Square, Ravenswood (Malt Row), West Loop, and more. It’s a city that should be high on your beer list!

Here’s a map of the 16 spots we visited in Chicago including Half Acre, Dovetail, Revolution, Maplewood, Cruz Blanca, and more. Find even more at the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild!

Note: As reported in Block Club Chicago, Rock Bottom closed in January 2023. We were glad to be able to visit during our A Quick Beer tour.

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Praise for A Quick Beer…

“I think you’ve pioneered a genre of beer coverage and tourism here.”

Gary Gillman, Beer Et Seq

A Quick Beer at FoBAB in Chicago, Illinois

Join us for A Quick Beer at the famed Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer (FoBAB) in Chicago, Illinois in November, 2022. Hosted by the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild, the event features hundreds of barrel-aged beers from breweries across the country in a competition and massive weekend tasting.

A Quick Beer at Bar Volo’s Cask Days

Cask Days, Bar Volo‘s famed cask beer festival, returned in October 2022 as an intimate event reminiscent of its early days. Watch as we look back on the history of Cask Days and enjoy a quick beer at the event’s welcomed revival.

A Quick Beer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In our newest episode of A Quick Beer, we head out of town and check out the beer scene in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh has a thriving beer scene with over 40 breweries in the city. We were only able to check out a few in the short time we were there. Check out the highlights in this episode – we hope to be back soon and you should definitely plan a beery visit!

Here’s a map of the spots in Pittsburgh we were able to visit during our trip. There’s plenty more, with over 40 breweries in the city. See the Pittsburgh Brewers Guild for brewery lists and handy trail maps.

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A Quick Beer with Great Lakes Brewery

In this episode of A Quick Beer we have a quick one with Troy Burtch of Etobicoke’s Great Lakes Brewery. Troy tells us about the wide range of beers that GLB produces, their recent foray into spirits and the upcoming Great Lakes Brewpub on Toronto’s waterfront.

A Quick Beer with People’s Pint

In this episode of A Quick Beer we meet Head Brewer and Co-owner Peter Caira of People’s Pint in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood. Hear about how People’s Pint has involved homebrewers in their brewing history, their current slate of beers and how you can enjoy them at home.

Note: We are sad to report that People’s Pint permanently closed in February, 2023. We wish their staff the best.

A Quick Beer with Indie Alehouse

In our first episode of A Quick Beer,  we meet Katie Ross and Indie Alehouse. Katie tells us about this innovative Toronto brewery, with a location in the Junction as well as within Eataly. Learn about their beers, events and where to buy their delicious brews.