Join us as we explore the brewing and beer scene of Kalamazoo, Michigan! In our first of two episodes, we kick off our trip with a visit to what put Kalamazoo on the national beer map: Bell’s, with stops at both the production brewery in Comstock and the Eccentric Café downtown.

Then we explore some of the best breweries in Kalamazoo County’s including Brite Eyes, Apoptosis, One Well and Wax Wings, and a special conversation with Jake Lohse of Presidential Brewing in Portage.

Give it a watch and stay tuned for our next episode where we check out the best bars and breweries in downtown Kalamazoo, including a chat with Ted Linabury of Brewery Outré.

Many thanks to Discover Kalamazoo for the assistance in planning the visit.

Here’s a handy map of the beer spots we visited in Kalamazoo.

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