About Cass Enright

Cass Enright is a craft beer entrepreneur and promoter, having been behind some of the most well-known beer properties in Ontario, Canada and beyond.

Affectionately referred to by award-winning beer writer Ben Johnson as the “International Man of Beer Mystery“, Cass begun in beer by founding The Bar Towel, the longest-running online community dedicated to beer in Ontario, and one of the province’s first beer blogs.

Cass continued to innovate in the beer world by creating the Golden Tap Awards, Ontario’s most democratic beer awards event, Free Our Beer, a campaign to open up Ontario’s restrictive beer laws and regulations, and the Brewery Market and Brewer’s Backyard, a series of beer festivals that took place in Ontario and Quebec.

Other ventures that Cass has led have included Toronto Beer Week, Toronto Bourbon Week, Ottawa Bourbon Week, and more. Cass is a long-time podcaster, has hosted the Canadian and Ontario Brewing Awards multiple times, has been a guest speaker at brewing conferences, a guest lecturer at Niagara College’s brewing program, and more.

Recently, Cass founded the Ontario Beer Delivery Index (OBDI), which assisted breweries in showcasing their beers for delivery during the COVID lockdowns, and continues to this day.

Today Cass is proud to be the host of A Quick Beer, a new short-form video series where have beers with friends and showcase unique beer destinations.

We’d love to chat about having A Quick Beer visit your brewery or city! You can contact Cass here.

Praise for Cass Enright and A Quick Beer…

“As usual, Cass is one step ahead of us.”

Ben Johnson, Beer and Bullshit